Farming Data Management in NSW and QLD

PINPOINT Ag™ has the focus and local expertise to ensure you get the best value from your machine and precision agriculture investments. 

With a strong understanding of equipment application and boosted resources in Precision Ag, we can offer you customised services in equipment optimisation, data collection, data analysis and implementation of Precision Ag practices such as land forming or variable rate.

Equipment Optimisation and Data Collection

Good data is the basis for Precision Ag success. It can reinforce and quantify what you already know or provide new insights to crop production.  To avoid the ‘rubbish in, rubbish out’ scenario it’s critical to have a master setup file that can be used with all machines including contractors and being across machine setup and calibration.


Guidance and boundary mapping

Ensure your system is set up for high accuracy with consistent A/B lines across machines. Good boundaries support Precision Ag practices such as section control and variable rate and we can assist boundary creation from existing layers, shape file imports or driving boundaries.

Master set up file

Simplify working with multiple machines, operators and contractors. Streamline data entry and reduce errors from manual entry, and improve data retrieval.

Wireless Data Transfer (WDT)

Enable your machines to wirelessly send performance and agronomic data to the office or a variety of mobile devices. This provides you more regular updates with less chance of error.

Supporting Data Layers

Need more information to support decisions or monitor crops in-season? With ready access to drones and satellite imagery, we can collect and import layers to help assess crop health, plant count and weed density. Running a mixed fleet? We can complete the picture by importing yield data from other makes into the web portal.


On farm training, equipment calibration and help with transfer of data from Apex™ to the cloud based MyJohnDeere.com and then sharing data with other compatible web platforms.

Data Management and Analysis

Collation, storage and controlled sharing of valuable field data is a key step in the Precision Ag cycle. Our consultants can assist you in these steps and offer several web platforms to suit your business.

Cleaning grain and cotton yield data

Base your decisions on more reliable data from your harvester or picker.  We can help with post calibration, moisture correction in cotton, or cleaning up harvester trails where recording has been left on.

Topography and water flow

From collected elevation data, we can analyse topography and model water flow across paddocks, aimed at helping you identify levelling and drainage issues.

Data privacy and storage

MyJohnDeere.com Operations Center offers cloud based data storage backup across multiple global servers for security. Equally the privacy of that data is important and we can help customise whom you share your machine and agronomic data with.

Data sharing

MyJohnDeere.com has opened links to many other industry partners, so if you have other web based agronomic platforms you currently use please talk to us. Many of these providers offer data tools that enhance the value of MyJohnDeere.com.

Apps for in field analysis

We offer several apps that enable your collected paddock data to be viewed from a variety of mobile devices while on the go, a great advantage in today’s business environment.


Our approach is to collaborate with key partners such as your agronomist. 

We offer a large range of expanded services from a trusted source, to suit your farm operation, including:

Product rate and section control

Increase the capability of air seeders, sprayers and spreaders through on-the-go fully automatic rate changes and section control.

Land forming and implement steering

Implement improvements to water flow and drainage through iGrade™ and T3RRA Cutta™, tools which integrate with GreenStar™ and hydraulic systems to control a blade or bucket. We install active implement guidance systems,helping achieve inter-row sowing or more consistent rows and planter tracking.

Creation and application of variable rate maps

Zoning and targeted nutrient application to maximise value of seed, fertiliser and chemical inputs.

Soil moisture monitoring and yield potential

Our new Crop Intelligence offering takes soil moisture probes to a new level by combining local soil moisture data, historical rainfall and locally measured in season rainfall, to predict grain yield potential in cereal crops, canola and legumes.

Supporting Services


Chesterfield Technical Assistance Centre (CTAC) is a responsive phone support service, established to resolve issues in an efficient manner over the phone or by using Remote Display Access (RDA). For more information call CTAC today (07) 4679 5000.

RTK Network

Our RTK network offers a spread of dealer owned and maintained StarFire™ RTK towers, enabling low fuss high accuracy. Our team can advise what RTK signal exists in your area and can perform a survey to confirm signal coverage on your property.

Machine Insights

Analyse machine productivity, fuel burn and wheel slip and transfer valuable field data layers from machine to office with greater simplicity and accuracy by taking advantage of our data related services. Monitor your machines or have our workshop monitor them for you with our Alert Monitoring Service, free for subscribing CTAC customers with active JDLink™ machines.

AMS Rental

AMS Rental allows you to hire equipment for short term seasonal demands, reducing your capital investment. Hire units include Greenstar™ displays, StarFire™ receivers and Field Connect Environmental stations. All hire units are updated with the latest software, warranted by Chesterfield Australia and ready to work!


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