Chesterfield Australia would like to welcome you to the first edition of our new monthly newsletter. Thank you for taking the time to read through our first offering.

As an existing client of Chesterfield Australia we have included you in our subscriber list. We believe that our newsletter will provide you with valuable information relating to getting the best out of your John Deere equipment.

Once a month our Integrated Solutions team will be covering topics to help you navigate Precision Agriculture and get the most out of your data and equipment.

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As Chesterfield Australia continues to provide solutions that complement our existing services we are very excited to introduce PINPOINT Ag™.

PINPOINT Ag offers Precision Ag services to customers who are interested in the adoption and implementation of Precision Ag technology. Our team want to optimise the use of your John Deere machinery by utilising its existing capabilities, such as data capture. Our aim is to work with you and your agronomist to see production improvements across your farming business.

Our services, delivered by the Integrated Solutions team, include:

  • management; Set up data is loaded to all GreenStar equipped machines correctly, collected data layers are imported wirelessly or by USB
  • Documentation Support – Initial instruction, setup and optimisation to enhance quality data collection
  • End of season paddock and machine reports
  • Extra layers pushed into chosen platform – Additional data layers such as soil maps (EM38, pH) and aerial imagery for crop growth, collected and pushed into or other compatible web portals
  • Prescription maps- assist the farmer/agronomist with design and load to machines
  • Boundary mapping online – Creation of field boundaries in from existing data layers
  • Paddock variation analysis

These services are fee-for-service and we can tailor packages based on individual needs. We are confident that we can provide improvements in production that will far exceed the initial investment in our services.

Meet our Integrated Solutions Team