PA Smoko

James Craft, our Precision Ag Consultant based in Dubbo, held a ‘PA Smoko’ at Curban last week. Attendees heard about and discussed options around what farmers can do now with the tools and machinery they already own on farm, no matter what the colour.



News from CTAC

Bryan, our main man in CTAC (Chesterfield Technical Assistance Centre), thought he’d share the details on a win he had for a customer recently..

‘I was contacted by a customer who was setting up for a contract spray job. He was having trouble creating a tank mix on his 8R tractor, Gen 4 display, with Hayes sprayer. I connected into his display using Remote Display Access and discovered that he was on an older software version which did not support tank mixes. After establishing that he was at his shed and had internet access, via a WiFi router, I talked him through connecting his display up to his router to do a software update (this is a bit quicker than using JDLink).

While the tractor was downloading and updating the software, with the customer still on the phone, we created a set up file where we added in his machinery, chemicals and additives to create a tank mix for the right fields. The file could then be sent to the machine and he was ready to go’.

Having problems yourself? Contact Bryan at CTAC on 07 4679 5000.


Field Connect

Last week Marty, our Technology Specialist, and James, our Precision Ag Consultant, both based in Dubbo, spent a few days installing Field Connect units out in the paddock.

Field Connect uses probes to measure moisture levels at various depths. It then sends information to MyJohnDeere where you can see the data on your computer or mobile device.

If you’re interested in subsoil monitoring at dirt cheap pricing, we have a fantastic deal on for this current summer crop season. Contact your relevant branch for details.

Plant Counts

No matter how much money you throw at it, nothing is going to increase the number of plants in a crop once it is established.

Stand counts or establishment surveys with the use of drone technology enables you to quickly determine your plant establishment, allowing you to accurately calculate whether an area needs to be replanted.

Pinpoint Ag offers this service throughout our cotton growing areas. Contact a member of our team if this is of interest.